Specialties and educational programs

Educational and professional program “Food Technologies and Engineering”

  • Specialty 181 “Food Technology”
  • Level of higher education: first (bachelor)
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Food Technology
  • Form of study: full-time / full-time shortened, extramural / extramural shortened
  • Duration of study: 4/2 years; 4.5 / 2.5 years

The aim of the educational and professional program “Food Technologies and Engineering” is to train specialists who are able to carry out managerial and organizational tasks at a high professional level, manage production units, solve actual problems of the processing and food industries, creatively approach complex solutions to difficult specialized tasks and practical problems of a technical and technological nature in the field of production and quality and safety management of food.

In the second year of study, students have the opportunity to choose a professional field, one of which is provided by the Department of Bakery and Confectionery Goods Technologies.

Teaching staff of the Department of Bakery and Confectionery Goods Technologies teach a block of courses that provide training of specialists for enterprises in the production of bakery products (bread, bakery products, rusks, bagels, breadsticks), confectionery (flour and sugar confectionaries, chocolate), food concentrates (baby food, breakfast cereals, dried potato, tea, coffee, coffee drinks, etc.). Today there are thousands of such enterprises of various productivity and forms of ownership in Ukraine, which are dynamically developing and increasing production capacity. Students have the opportunity to have technological and pre-diploma practise at leading enterprises in Ukraine.

The training of bachelors is aimed at studying the courses necessary for their future professional activity, which give a holistic view of biochemical and physicochemical transformations of raw materials in the technological process, involve studying the purpose of technological operations and patterns of processes depending on technological parameters. Students study in detail the special courses “Technology of confectionery”, “Technology of food concentrates”, “Technology of bakery products”, “Technology of pasta”, “Low temperature and extrusion technology”, etc. An important factor is the mastery of modern methods of controlling the technological process and the quality of the finished product. During the training, students also learn the basics of designing food enterprises, labour protection, equipment, the basics of quality and safety management in enterprises, etc., which allows them to carry out qualification projects at a high level.

The work of the future bachelor specialist is aimed at controlling raw materials, technological process, quality of finished products and modernizing existing technologies and equipment, taking into account technological costs and losses, ensuring optimal organization of the production process, improving quality of finished products, which is the key to increasing competitiveness and profits of enterprises.

Future specialists can work as an engineer, shift technologist, laboratory head, production manager, shift manager, production organization and management engineer, sales manager for industrial equipment and raw materials.


Specialty 181 “Food Technology”

  • Educational and professional program ” Technologies of bread, confectionery, pasta and food concentrates”
  • Level of higher education: second (master)
  • Qualification: Master of Food Technology
  • Form of study: full-time / extramural
  • Duration of study: 1,5 years

The aim of the educational and professional program is to train specialists capable of complex solutions to difficult problems in research, pedagogical, organizational-technological, design-technological, organizational-managerial systems of enterprises functioning of bakery, confectionery, pasta and food concentrate industries.

The educational program is focused on training professionals who should have: a set of organizational & technological, research & innovation and marketing methods, techniques and technologies to improve the efficiency and strategic development of enterprises of the bakery, confectionery, pasta and food concentrates industries.

The training of masters for this educational and professional program involves professional pre-diploma practice at leading enterprises in the industry and within the university. Research work is carried out in the laboratories of the university and in leading research institutes on the subject of one of the scientific directions of the department, as well as at the request of enterprises.

During the preparation of the master’s thesis, students solve current problems of the industry using modern research methods. During the preparation of the master’s thesis, it is obligatory to publish articles in scientific professional journals. Students speak at international and national conferences, present new developments in industry competitions (Sweets & BakeryUkraine, Bread/ConfectionaryExpo), participate in All-Ukrainian competitions of scientific works, where they win prizes. Patents of Ukraine for inventions and utility models are issued for the most significant developments. New technologies and developments made by students under the guidance of scientists of the department are effectively applied and implemented in the industry, and the skills acquired during training are the key to the success of future career growth.

The educational program includes the study of courses “Research Workshop”, “World technologies of flour and confectionery products”, “Management of quality and safety of flour products, confectionery and food concentrates”, “Statistical tasks in food technology”, ” Examination and express identification of food products”, “Modern technologies of flour products, confectionery and food concentrates”, “Intellectual and industrial property”, etc.

On the basis of bilateral agreements between the National University of Food Technologies and universities of partner countries, the University has concluded agreements on international academic mobility with the following universities: Tomas Bata University in Zlin (Czech Republic), Ray Juan Carlos University (Spain), Lodz University of Technology (Poland) and others.

Future specialists can work and hold management positions at food industry enterprises, research institutes, higher educational institutions, government administration and public organizations that control quality and safety of food products, sanitary-epidemiological and environmental control, centres of standardization, metrology. and product certification both in Ukraine and abroad.

Graduates who have shown a penchant for research and received a diploma with honours are recommended to apply for PhD program.