General information

(established in 1949)

The department trains specialists in Bachelor degree for baking, pasta, confectionery and food concentrate branches of the food industry, specialty 181 “Food Technologies”. Education for Master degree is carried out by specialty “Technologies of Bread, Confectionery, Pasta and Food Concentrates” and “Technologies of Organic Food Products”. The Doctors of Philosophy are trained by the specialty 181 “Food Technology”.

The training of young specialists is carried out by 8 Doctors and 10 Candidates of Technical Sciences. The teachers of the department had internships in higher education institutions in Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Finland. Educational working plans and curriculum courses are developed using the best practices of technological higher education institutions and taking into account the views of leading industry professionals.

The department has three laboratories for the main areas of research, the specialized laboratory for baking, and the specialized lecture room “Bread Museum”. The department has a computer classroom that allows to deepen the study of courses related to the industry enterprises design, to perform complex engineering calculations, to create drawings using CAD. Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to conduct research in a specially equipped laboratory.

In 2014, a new training laboratory was opened, with the support of the Finnish company “Leipurin”, equipped with modern baking and confectionery equipment.  The company’s specialists conduct regular workshops for students in the manufacture of bakery and confectionery products.

Practical training of future specialists is carried out at leading enterprises of the industry. Students have practical training at the bakery enterprises of “Ukrhlibprom”, “Ukrainian Bakers’ Association”, PJSC ” Kyivkhlib”, LLC “Ukrainian-Slovenian Joint Venture “Kyiv Regional Bakery Complex”, confectionery factories and small processing enterprises.

The department holds the competition “Best Technician-Technologist” for students of structural units of the university (junior specialists) and “Best Technologist” among the bachelor’s degree students.

To improve the learning process, teachers of the department are working on the creation of textbooks and manuals. Lecture notes, methodological recommendations for the study of disciplines, coursework and diploma design are regularly published and updated at the department. Computer equipment is used in the educational process, work is carried out to intensify the individual and independent work of students. The use of modern computer programs by teachers has significantly increased the level and quality of methodological developments, facilitated greater individualization of the educational process.

Since 2015, the department has been working on the creation of e-learning courses for distance learning. The beginning of teaching the courses of the department in English is an important achievement.

The department has trained more than 7000 engineers-technologists for 70 years of its existence. Graduates occupy positions of civil servants, directors, chief engineers, shift supervisors, heads of laboratories, shift technologists, engineers-technologists at large and small enterprises related to the production of a bakery, confectionery products, pasta and food concentrates not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Teachers of the department also train specialists in the separate structural units of NUFT (Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Lviv and Sumy units).

Almost all directors of bakery and confectionery enterprises of Ukraine are graduates of the department. The heads of the enterprises of the branch are the chairmen and members of the Examination Commissions for the defence of master’s works, and conduct lectures. Young teachers of the department systematically improve their skills at the enterprises of Kyiv and Ukraine. A lot of the department’s development has been tested or implemented at industry enterprises. Twice a year, international scientific conferences are held with the manufacturers. The staff of the department are members of the Central Sectoral Tasting Commission of the Ukrainian Bakery Industry “Ukrhlibprom” and the branch association of manufacturers of confectionery, food concentrate, starch products and coffee “Ukrcondprom”, are members of the technical committees of standardization of Ukraine, are a part of many specialized scientific councils. Six department teachers are members of editorial boards of scientific journals in Ukraine and abroad.

Much attention is paid by academic group mentors to the socially educational work. Students visit museums, professional exhibitions, food enterprises. An important contribution to the socially educational process is the tradition of holding thematic evenings “My Kyiv”, “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”. For the purpose of future professional growth of students, the thematic events and competitions are held at the department such as “Bread Holiday”, “Easter Basket”, “Bread Week”, “Ukrainian Festive Bakery Products Contest “, etc.