Studying the European experience of providing educational services during an internship

The high professional skill of the teacher requires constant work to improve the content and form of presentation of the materials of the disciplines. And for this you need to be aware of both the best practical experience in your field and the latest achievements in the field of educational technologies.

Various forms of professional development play an important role here. To get acquainted with the world and European experience in the provision of educational services (including under quarantine conditions caused by the pandemic), Professor of the Department of Bakery and Confectionery Goods Technologies Valerii Makhynko took an international scientific and practical training “New and innovative teaching methods”. It was organized by the European League for Professional Development with the involvement of leading teachers from the Małopolska School of Public Administration at the Krakow University of Economics (Poland).

In the format of Zoom conferences, Polish education specialists spoke about the peculiarities of the European and Polish higher education systems, the organization of student and teaching staff mobility in the European Union, the history of the development of online learning and changes in the didactic process during a pandemic, the use of IT technologies in the classroom, and also organized by the Krakow University of Economics project for the training and development of teachers “HUB UEK”.

Based on the results of the internship, the final work was completed, which received a favorable review, which was confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

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