Lecture from the leading specialist of the company “Leipurin”

The department of Technology of Bakery and Confectionery Goods Technologies products constantly takes care of updating the content of academic disciplines. After all, the technologists of modern enterprises face many tasks, for the solution of which it is necessary to have knowledge in various fields of activity and the ability to apply them in practice. Guest lectures by leading industry experts help broaden the range of knowledge of applicants and encourage them to study deeper technological and related disciplines. Thanks to the invitation of the head of the department Volodymyr Kovbasa and professor of the department Valeriy Makhinko, the leading specialist of the Finnish company “Leipurin” Serhii Kozakov gave a lecture for applicants for the educational degree “Master” in the disciplines “Practical problems in the technologies of flour, confectionery and food concentrates” and “Innovative technologies of flour, confectionery and food concentrates ”.

Serhii Kozakov has significant experience in cooperation with industry enterprises in solving problems related to technical re-equipment, development of new products and improvement of the range, effective positioning of a new product on the market. The specialist spoke about his impressions of getting to know the bakery enterprises of different countries, the peculiarities of their functioning in market conditions. Drawing the listeners’ attention to the modern assortment of bread products, Serhii Kozakov noted effective methods of increasing the efficiency of the industry’s enterprises due to the correct choice of technological equipment, improving the organization of production, expanding the range, and improving the packaging design. Particular attention was paid to the list of issues that should be taken into account at the beginning of the development of new types of products, the stages of introducing a new product into production and the role of marketing research in this process.

During the lecture, the audience had many questions, to which Serhii Kozakov provided detailed answers, involving everyone present in the discussion and discussion.


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